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Adding a Class



Adding a Class using Texas State-Self Service 9

1) Log in to Texas State Self-Service

To add a class, first log in to Texas State Self-Service.

2) Registration Menu

Click on the 'Student' tab and then click 'Registration'


SSB 9 Student Tab select Registration Link

3) Register for Classes

From the launch page, click 'Register for Classes'

Click Register for Classes

4) Select Term

Select a term from the dropdown and click 'Continue'

SSB 9 Select Term

5) Search Criteria

Search for classes using search criteria, the Enter CRNs tab, Plans tab, or Advanced Search for more options

SSB 9 Search for Classes

6) Add Course to Summary

Click 'Add' to add the course to your Summary

SSB 9 Add Course to Summary

7) Register for Course

Click 'Submit' to register for the course

SSB 9  Click Submit

8) Successfully Registered

You have successfully registered when the status has changed from Pending to Registered

SSB 9 Reviewing Registration