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Swapping Sections

The Conditional Add and Drop feature (also known as swapping) allows you to drop a course from your schedule on the condition that you can register for another course without a registration error. If a registration error does exist, you will retain your place in the original course without losing your seat.


Swapping a Class using Texas State Self-Service 9

1) Log in to Texas State Self Service

To drop a class, a student must first log in to Texas State Self-Service. Click on the "Student" tab and then the "Registration" link.

2) Registration Menu

Click on the 'Student' tab and then click 'Registration'

3) Register for Classes

From the launch page, click 'Register for Classes'

4) Select Term

Select a term from the dropdown and click 'Continue'

5) Search for Classes

Search for classes using search criteria, the Enter CRNs tab, Plans tab, or Advanced Search for more options

6) Time Conflict

The status of the course you choose will say "Time Conflict". View your weekly class schedule to see where the time conflict exists

7) Select Conditional Add Drop

Use the Action drop-down menu to mark the new desired course "Registered-Web". Choose a drop reason from the Action drop-down menu for the course to swap out and then click 'Submit'

8) Registration Errors

If you cannot register for the course because of a registration error, the course you were originally registered for will not be dropped and you will not lose your seat. Hover over the 'Errors Preventing Registration' status message to view what registration errors exist

9) Successful Swap

If you use Conditional Add/Drop and no registration errors exists, you will be dropped from the original course and registered for the new course