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Registration for Senior Citizens (65+)

Courses for Credit 

 Senior citizens, 65 or older, are eligible for free tuition for up to six credit hours per semester. The purpose of this program is to encourage senior citizens to continue their education and keep involved with local colleges and universities.

In order to be eligible for the tuition exemption, you must:

  • Be a Texas resident, nonresident or foreign student
  • Enroll at a college or university whose governing board has chosen to offer this program
  • Enroll in a class that is not already filled with students who are paying full price for the courses (If the class is too small to accommodate both regular students and senior citizens, the regular students must be given priority)
  • Enroll in classes for which the college receives tax support (i.e., a course that does not depend solely on student tuition and fees to cover its costs)

Seniors Citizens can not use the tuition exemption to take correspondence, extension or study abroad courses for audit or credit.

Senate Bill 1210 (83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session) adds a grade point average requirement for persons to receive continuation awards through the program. The bill also establishes a limit to the total number of hours, cumulative, that a student may take and continue to receive awards through this program. These changes went into effect in fall, 2014.

Additionally, in order to continue receiving the exemption, students must meet the University’s grade point average requirement for making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree or certificate, in accordance with the institution’s policy regarding eligibility for financial aid. The GPA requirements are 2.0 for undergraduate students and 3.0 for graduate students. Hours considered excessive under Texas Education Code, Section 54.014 Tuition for Repeated or Excessive Hours, will not be eligible to receive the exemption.

You may be exempted from tuition for up to six semester credit hours each semester or summer term if space is available. The award does not cover mandatory fees charged for the classes. It only covers tuition. No funds may be used to pay tuition or fees for continuing education, extension or study abroad classes for which Texas State receives no state tax support.

Provide proof of eligibility, such as a state-issued identification card, to Student Business Services to apply for the program.  Students must notify Student Business Services each semester that they are attending and would like to participate in this program by e-mailing no later than the census day (12th class day fall/spring and 4th class day summer) for the semester.

If applying for financial aid assistance please contact your financial aid representative.

Read more about this program:


Auditing a Course

Senior citizens, 65 or older, may audit courses without payment of tuition and fees if space is available. Registration is permitted just prior to the start of the semester, with credit of tuition and fee charges made by the staff in Student Business Services (JCK Administration Building, room 188). Note any audited courses are not eligible for Financial Aid which includes grants, scholarships or loans.

Checklist for Auditing:

  1. You must be accepted by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or the Graduate College.
  2. You must be approved by the school, department, or program offering the course.
  3. You must register for the course through Texas State Self-Service.
  4. After registering through Texas State Self-Service, please submit an Audit Request Form.