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Course Load for Undergraduates

The following regulations govern the number of credit hours an undergraduate student may carry during a given term:

Fall or Spring Semesters - students enrolled for 12 or more credit hours are considered full-time students. An average load for a student with a 2.00 or higher GPA 15-17 credit hours; however, if such a student is enrolled in only five courses, as many as 18 credit hours is also considered an average load. Graduating seniors or students with a 3.00 or higher GPA may carry 19 credit hours. Those with a 3.75 or higher GPA may carry up to 22.

Mini Session - registration is limited to 3 credit hours.

Summer Terms - the usual summer load is 6 credit hours per term. Students in good standing may take eight hours during a summer term without needing their dean’s approval. Those with a 2.00 or higher GPA may carry 10 credit hours during each summer term.

Only in exceptional circumstances, and only with the approval of the college dean, will students be allowed to exceed the stated course load limitations. In any regular semester or summer term during which a student is enrolled at Texas State; the course load limitations apply to work attempted, whether at Texas State or elsewhere.