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Switching Sections

What is Switching Sections?

Registered for a linked lecture and lab but need to change the lab? Are you trying to switch sections for the same course? Or maybe you want to switch classes that have the same meeting pattern? Switching sections in Registration and Schedule Changes or Add and Drop menus via Texas State Self-Service is a quick way to drop one class while simultaneously registering for another.

Switch a Section in Registration and Schedule Changes

1) Log in to Texas State Self Service

To switch a section, a student must first log in to Texas State Self-Service. Click on the "Student" tab and then the "Registration" link.

Registration and Self Service Registration Menu

2) Access your Current Schedule

Click the "Registration and Schedule Changes" or the "Add and Drop Classes" link. Select the term from the drop down menu in order to access your current schedule. 

Registration and Schedule Changes Menu
Registration and Schedule Changes term drop down

3) Drop and Add Class and Click "Submit"

Select the class you wish to drop.  Using the drop down menu, select the drop down reason. Type the CRN of the class you wish to add in the "Add Classes Worksheet" section. Then click "Submit Changes".

4) Successful Switch

Current Schedule reflects a successful switch. The first lab has been dropped and second lab has been added.

Registration & Schedule Changes Add Drop Page
Registration and Schedule Changes Add Drop Complete